Torsionally flexible and resilient – vibration reduction up to 30%, plus cushion shock loads safeguard driving and driven equipment
Quick installation and easy maintenance reduces labor and downtime costs
Completely interchangeable with industry standards
Versatile stock; metric and imperial size cover fasteners available
High tensile, shot-peened alloy steel grids and precision machined hubs ensure excellent performance and extended life.

Grid Couplings


The EP Grid coupling reduces vibration by as much as 30%, and cushions shock loads to safeguard your driving and driven equipment. The flexible nature of the spring-like grid absorbs impact energy by spreading it out over time, thus reducing the magnitude of the peak loads. This is possible because of the progressive contact that occurs between the curved profile of the hub teeth and the flexible grid. Therefore, as the load increases, more of the tooth comes into connection with the grid, hence supplying superior security and supreme performance.

EP Grid couplings are made for versatility. Common hubs and grids are utilized within confirmed size range for both horizontal and vertical split cover versions. Grid installation and substitute is a “snap” of them costing only a fraction of the entire coupling cost.

EXCELLENT Manufacturing – Created from high tensile alloy steel, the grid spring is normally carefully formed to form, after that hardened and tempered in manipulated circumstances. Next, the grids are shot-peened, compressing the top molecules and departing a residually stressed surface area. This technique creates a more powerful surface in compression.

Any load applied on the coupling in procedure must initial surmount the compressive forces created by peening prior to the tensile stress gets to the grid. This gives a dramatic upsurge in rating over various other coupling types, boosts reserve strength for much longer life and could permit collection of a smaller coupling, hence reducing cost.