A machine builder has an app to rotate tooling around an Aerospace element and would like to use a curved rack and pinion drive to achieve this. To keep accurate positioning, there would be two axis drives to rotate the axis and remove backlash using electrical preloading.

The curved rack would be a special design simply by the customer based on the machine requirements and the design envelope they need to work with.
ATLANTA was able to work with the customer on the design of the curved rack to boost it’s manufacturability and confirm that it would be able to handle the application loading. The rack was created as a special item and used ATLANTA’s vast experience and knowledge in gear production.

A precision planetary reducer was selected with a ISO gear rack for Aerospace Industry china flanged pinion mounted to the output to operate a vehicle on the rack. The flanged pinion offered a compact style to reduce the amount of torque necessary at the reducer output. The reducer offered a rigid support of the flanged pinion and allowed for a large reduction ratio to get the motor speed up as high as possible.
What is a equipment rack? A rack and pinion is certainly a set of gears which convert rotational movement into linear movement. A circular gear known as the pinion engages the teeth on a linear gear bar called the apparatus rack. Rotational motion applied to the pinion causes the apparatus rack to move, therefore translating the rotational movement of the pinion in to the linear motion of the apparatus rack.

Automotive steering, milling machines, grinders, and meat processing machines are a several machines using gear racks. Gear racks are also used in robotics, CNC routers, material managing systems, automation systems, and the aerospace sector.

We also offer customized gear rack manufacturing. We can manufacture equipment racks in a variety of materials such as plastic, brass, metal and aluminum. We are able to also produce spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears, equipment clusters, metric gears, anti-backlash gears, worm gears, gear blanks, gear stock, pinion shafts, ratchets and pawls. We can also manufacture gears with pin hubs, clamp hubs, or hubless.
We manufacture a multitude of gear types complete or will cut gear teeth on client supplied blanks. We make rack and pinion gears, face gears, band gears and other unique gears for the next industries: aviation, defense and aerospace instrumentation, commercial, energy, general sector and equipment, healthcare, leisure, musical instrument, power tool, scientific analysis and transportation. Ever-Power manufactures gears using modern machining solutions to customer specifications.