Dynamically balanced
Fasteners are weigh balanced
Body fitted bolts in reamed holes
Precision manufactured close tolerances
Custom design assistance
Available in sizes from 1 through 30 depending on model

High Performance Gear Couplings

        EP High Acceleration and Engineered Special Equipment Couplings fulfill a specific engineering dependence on custom coupling styles that want additional engineering. While regular elements do exist, the initial requirements of person applications will customize a coupling style. (For stock equipment couplings, please discover our Equipment Couplings product page. )
        High Acceleration – The EP / Sier-Bath F Series High Acceleration gear couplings are created for exacting high speed, high efficiency performance beyond the ranges and limits of regular coupling specifications. Normal applications include high acceleration centrifugal and axial movement compressors, gas turbines, steam turbines, check stands, etc . High acceleration couplings are dynamically well balanced as assemblies and match marked. Fasteners are weigh well balanced in sets. Major size fit gear teeth, accuracy machined tolerances, and top quality parts help to decrease the potential unbalance in the coupling assembly.
        Engineered – Most of the elements are standardized, however the unique requirements of particular applications will customize each style. These couplings require particular customer input to correctly design the coupling to suit the application.
          FHS High Speed Close Coupled

Similar to standard F Type gear coupling; much tighter tolerancesMaximum speed is for assembly balanced couplingsComponent balancing available; may result in lower max speedMaterial: AISI 1045 steel